25 / 02 / 2011

Absence makes the……

Firstly sorry for my absence this week, it has been a rather hectic one so little time to get up the slopes. I must say though it is nice to know that people actually read these little ramblings and miss them when I don’t post. Sometimes I feel all alone stuck up in the mountains but to know you’re out there supporting me makes it all worthwhile.

Anyway enough of that dribble, down to business. Today I managed to get on the lift nice and early and headed over to Sestriere. The visibility was excellent, nice clear skies with just the hint of cloud. Temperature started off being just about normal for this time of year but by the end of the day it was getting a little warm. When I walked through the village after finishing for the day it was nudging 10 degrees.

The snow cover is still good if not a little hard in places. Typical conditions when you have warm days and cold evenings. I did hear a few people complaining that it was icy and that the resort needed more snow but then again I’ve been hearing that all season.

I had to go to Paddy’s after skiing to meet someone, all part of the job spec, and by contrast they were saying how good it was and what a fantastic day they’d had. It’s because of that very reason that I sometimes find it hard to write these reports. All I can do is to report it as I find it.

There is still some very nice snow to had but this morning it did help if you had good edges and you knew how to use them. It also helped if you had an invisible force field around to protect you from the hoards of people who swarmed over the mountain like ants. The joys of skiing half term!

There is good news on the horizon. We are due to get more snow on Sunday/Monday just in time for the new arrivals so Benny the Dip and Si you could be timing you arrival just right.

Hopefully next week the slopes should be a little quieter with some fresh stuff to play with at the beginning of the week. Some reports say that we are to expect 20cm which would be very nice indeed. The rest of the week is set to be sunny with a bit cloud cover Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The temperature is due to increase towards the end of the week.

I believe the Skiing is good at the moment and with the snow due at the beginning of next week it looks like it’ll continue to be good. Promise I won’t leave it so long next time.

What our customers say

01 / 05

Great service from James prior to arriving. Really went above and beyond. The rental shop was ideally situated at the bottom of the lift. Can't wait to return!

S. Warhurst

The transfers we booked were professional and hassle free notwithstanding our late arrival. For the return we were greeted on time with great service. The ski hire was also of excellent quality.

A. McCormick

We are a family of 6 and James and Sinead at Sauzeonline.com were brilliant in organising skis, lessons and restaurants. Really helpful and friendly - a pleasure to deal with. We plan to come back next year using Sauzeonline for everything.

D. Bonfield

Used Sauzeonline for our airport transfer and ski hire. The service they provided was excellent. Could not have been more helpful replying to many emails due to questions on travel due to Covid. The transfer service was fantastic and the hire shop very helpful. Thankyou for making our holiday special.

C. Knowles

Sauzeonline provide great value ski and snowboard hire from a selection of shops in good locations throughout the town – so we were able to find shops suitable for all our group (not all of whom were staying in the same place). James was also incredibly helpful in resolving an issue one of our group had with his snowboard hire [and arranged a full refund]. We would definitely recommend Sauzeonline both in terms of excellent value and service.

B. Hughes